Sunday, June 12, 2011

Matthews Farmer's Market

I love the farmer's market. No matter what city I'm in, the farmer's market is always a source of:
1. Sunlight
2. Smiling people
3. Kids
4. Fresh produce
5. Local produce
6. Organic produce

So, being back in my hometown of Charlotte for a couple days (and with my mother's money), I headed over to the Matthew's Farmer's Market Saturday morning.

And was greeted by:


I took a turn around the small market, gazing at edible flowers, baked goods, local meat, and fresh produce. But I was shopping on someone else's dime; I had to keep myself in check. So I ended the trip with:

1 bag of peaches
1 yellow squash
1 round "eight ball" zucchini
1 bag of arugula
2 tomatoes
3 small sweet banana peppers - given to me for free (!) by the smiling farmer and his wife after I took photos of his vegetables (pictured below)

And with that, I headed home to mull over what I was going to cook for my parents when they came home from their trip. Something that would taste like the farmer's market.

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